Monday, February 8, 2010

A heart of gratitude

Hello? Does anyone read this gratitude blog? Did anyone notice that on Friday I skipped my "weekly gratitude photo" post?

I also didn't post it on Saturday. Or Sunday.

Because I've decided not to do it anymore.

I feel like gratitude should be something you feel naturally and not something your force yourself to do. And that is exactly what it had turned into for me with the "take a picture every day of something you're grateful for" thing. It was becoming a chore and gratitude should never be a chore.

Today is February 8th.  In fifty four days I will be twenty eight. In sixty five days I will celebrate 365 days of being alive. Of survival.

When I started this gratitude journey on January 1, 2009 I never could have predicted how much it would mean to me. Or how much it woould force me to see the joy in my life. Every day. Even when I was in the ICU waking up from a medically induced coma. Even when I had to get all my nutrition from a straw. Even when I was dependent on so many other people just go get through the motions of every day.

Each night I would come here and find something to be grateful for.

Sometimes it was just the simple fact that I loved chocolate so much. And that was a good thing because I drank a LOT of chocolate milkshakes.

It has almost been 10 months since my accident and if I have learned nothing else in that time I have learned how to truly be grateful.

Often all I need on any given day to be happy is the knowledge that I am alive. Each breath is a gift. And I cherish them all.

Life is not perfect by any means, but it's the difficult times that make the good things so much sweeter.

And with that I think it's time to close this blog. I'm not going to delete it. Maybe someday someone will stumble on it and they will be encouraged to start their own gratitude journal. I think it's a good thing to have blogs like this floating along in cyberspace.

I'm also not going to give up on gratitude. I plan on transfering all my gratitude into my main blog. I write about my every day life on there, so it should be a seamless transition. Because every day is a blessing. That is a lesson that everyone deserves to learn.

In parting I'll offer a link to another blog.

Enjoying the Small Things

It was shared on The Nest last week and I haven't been able to get this woman and her family off my mind. I've been reading through some of her archives and a more true heart of gratitude I have neaver seen. She has such a beautiful spirit and reading about her has been a real blessing.

Thank you for traveling this road with me. It's been a real pleasure.

Take a moment to find some joy in your day.