Friday, January 1, 2010

P-365, day 1

The past year has been such a challenge for me and this blog was a serious source of inspiration. It also has helped me keep things in perspective. In general I'm a high strung sort of personality and taking the time out every day to realize just how blessed I am has helped a lot. So I'm not ready to give this up.

Certain things got in my way this past year and I won't be finished with 365 Days of Grace until January 19th.

But I have started another 365 day challenge to see me through 2010 and I plan on letting it spill over into this daily gratitude blog. Go here and here for a little more information (if you don't read my other blog)

The basic idea of the new challenge is that you take one picture a day for a year. In order to tie this new challenge to my old one I'm going to continue this blog by posting a photo of something I'm grateful for every day. There won't be five things, but pictures will certainly be more interesting than a list every day. Enjoy and join in if you like.

Making breakfast with Andy

*Since I'm not quite done with Grace in Small Things there will be two daily posts for a while.

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